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Dream House - Trailer



Looks like a film I want to see.


Last week, I commented on the fact that I truly find the movie « Independence day » ridiculous, aliens coming with high tech vessels attacking humans for what? What would they steal from them?
I received excellent replies, thank you to all my followers, and here is my opinion on that particular matter, sorry for the delay, it’s been a busy week.


This is what I think, there are, (obviously) other inhabited planets in other galaxies, and even maybe in other dimensions, but that’s another topic, life has certainly developed pretty much the same way as it developed on earth. Aliens do not look like monsters and they certainly communicate through telepathy.  They come from worlds where science has been developed and  improves their daily lives without all the insane barrages humanity has raised. I believe humans have so many  things to learn from these beings, but most people aren’t evolved enough to connect with them.

 Humans are not an evolved civilization, proof is their  cavemen fe…
It's fun to get the Oscar, it was fun to get a knighthood. But you know, you wake up in the morning, the reality's still there. You're still mortal. Anthony Hopkins.
You go to the cinema and you realize you're watching the third act. There is no first or second act. There is this massive film-making where you spend this incredible amount of money and play right to the demographic. You can tell how much money the film is going to make by how it does on the first weekend. The whole culture is in the crap house. It's not just true in the movies, it's also true in the theater.

Euthanasia is legal in Hollywood. They just kill the film if it doesn't succeed immediately.

Dustin Hoffman.
Anti pope protestors in Spain, feeling glad of what is happening right now! Satisfied to see thousand of people don't want to have their brain washed by this sect!

Notes on my journey as an embryonic stem cell activist

Today someone asked me who I was referring to when speaking about the leaders living in Rome, who were trying to slow down science progresses. Needless to say  what was his religion…
Come on, who do you think I’m referring to? Roberto Benigni? I love this kind of hypocrisies as everyone knows. These people clearly know who I'm referring to.

Anyway, I’m still speaking to people and convincing more individuals of the utility of using embryonic stem cells…It’s one of my biggest objectives: Trying to improve and change this world. People can react, people can start to think for themselves and see beyond what they've been taught ! To progress people need to see beyond their culture and start all over again with a free mind.

And for those who still haven’t understood who I’m referring to…I’ve left a clue for you! Are you looking closely?



Officially completed, corrected and polished! 119 pages long, fantasy adventure with a small dose of comedy. I love it! Very proud of everything I have written so far.

Just wondering...

If people were able to travel into the future and see their children as old people on their death bed, would they still have their children? Hard to understand why people have kids in a world where death still exists, I keep wondering where human madness, stupidity and ignorance ends.
Do they really understand that the old man who just died was a baby and a kid in the past, do they realize that giving life is giving death?


France: Ils veulent relancer le débat sur l’euthanasie, quelle honte! Dans ce pays arriéré la cryogénisation est interdite ainsi que l’utilisation des cellules souches embryonnaires pour sauver des vies, et il y aurait possibilité d’un débat sur l’euthanasie! Quelle horreur tuer des gens, quelle horreur même le mot en fin de vie, alors que nous avons en notre possession les cellules souches embryonnaires qui peuvent éradiquer la mort!

LETTER OF SUPPORT TO ANNE HATHAWAY. Following the negative comments on her Catwoman's suit

It was sent to her manager today.

Dear Anne,

I wanted to send you this letter of support, following all the negative comments on your Catwoman’s costume.

I’m Jordan Tate, a female screenwriter, maybe you’ve heard of me, maybe not…Anyway, Catwoman has been one of my favorite characters since I was a kid, I was a huge fan of Michelle’s Pfeiffer/Tim Burton version at this time, which I still love.
Later, I discovered Christopher Nolan’s envision of Batman, my favorite hero of all times, and I’ve loved his realistic description of this character and his down to earth vision of Gotham City. Very different from Burton’s universe, but still excellent!

In the comics, Catwoman is a burglar and I believe Nolan’s version will be true to the comics and closer to what a Burglar experiences is in real life,  obviously, a burglar needs a comfortable suit to be able to move!
I believe the negative comments come from all this science fiction and erotic imaginary that surrounds this character, and m…


Check it out!


I'm currently in deep corrections on my latest screenplay "Secret island". A second draft should be completed by Mid August, then I'll start working on my next thriller screenplay in the upoming weeks. It will be a frenc project and I'll write a part for a top french actress who is a fan of my work! I'm feeling extremely fortunate.


I never attend funerals, it's like a celebration of death and I'm against death! Besides, I don't like having my brain washed by a priest. I never attend funerals especially if I love the person who just died. I'm totally against any form of burial interment, cremation, because to me it's a terrible disrespect to the lost one (the best method is to preserve the body, cryogenics is my preference) . And  it's  also deeply religious, even when it's a civil ceremony: Burying someone is following what's written in this FICTIONAL BOOK called "the bible".  And I don't want to support that. Then, you have a priest speaking about this FICTIONAL CHARACTER called "God", and not about the dead,  and crucifixes all around even on the coffin, as if the criminals (religious leaders, priests and all their partners in crime) who have been intentionally slowing down science progresses for decades,  have stamped their symbol on the wood to complete…

Vatican Backs Stem Cell Research - ABC News In order to preserve the reign of death and consequently their power over the world.

Vatican Backs Stem Cell Research - ABC News

ONCE AGAIN BEWARE VATICAN and their attempts at slowing down science to keep controlling humans lives! See what scientists are saying:

Though the church's interest in funding research is a welcome addition, doctors say, some stem cell researchers worry that the Vatican's agenda in this project is to argue against the need for embryonic stem cell research.

"I applaud the Vatican for funding any type of research," says Dr. George Daley, director of the Stem Cell Transplantation Program at Children's Hospital Boston, "but this is another attempt to pit adult stem cells against embryonic [ones]" when the two are used in very different ways and have potential for different conditions.


In 2001, French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin was favorable to using embryonic stem cells for scientific and healing purposes, but he faces serious pressures from other catholic politicians (including Jaques Chirac, you've certainly seen him attending church) and religious scientists and had to drop his law project!

Worldwide scientists have been aware of  the fabulous possibilities of using embryonic stem cells since 1980, nevertheless, they kept letting people die.

A 14 days old embryo is not a baby! It's just a sack of cells! And remember, Adolf Hitler once was an embryo...Using his to get stem cells would have been more useful to humanity than letting him live. What do you think?


The pontifical academy of science is the proof that the Vatican and their religion have completely infiltrated science in order to control it and to control us…

L’académie pontificale des sciences est la preuve que le Vatican et leur religion ont complétement infiltré la science afin de la controler et de controler le peuple.


Voici une partie du mail que j'ai envoyé à une amie française lui expliquant ce que sont les cellules souches embryonnaires et à quoi elles peuvent servir.

Comme tu le sais, notre corps est composé entièrement de cellules, lorsque celles-ci meurent, notre corps s'endommage, vieillit, tombe malade, par exemple, en cas d'AVC, les cellules du cerveau n'étant plus vascularisés, celles-ci meurent et donc une partie du cerveau demeure inutilisable, c'est pour cela que l'on voit souvent des gens paralysés d'un coté après un AVC, la partie du cerveau contrôlant ce côté étant morte (les cellules du cerveau), les membres qu'elle gouverne ne fonctionnent plus.
A ce rythme là le corps privé de nouvelles cellules finit par mourir.

LES CELLULES SOUCHES EMBRYONNAIRES sont obtenues à partir d'EMBRYONS humains fabriqués en laboratoire, ou d'embryons surnuméraires non utilisés, par exemple, pour les fécondations in vitro. L'embryon véritable œuf humain remplie d…


To me, my uncle is a victim of this crime against humanity orchestrated by the Vatican: They’ve been doing their best to ban embryonic stem cells therapies for years! They are like Nazis to me and the doctors and scientists who obey this so called law are their partners in crime! They will all be judged for these crimes someday. And not by an imaginary God, but by laws of an evolved society, soon, very soon...

I’m totally revolted!



Il ne devrait y avoir aucune restriction à la liberté de pensée et à la liberté d’expression. Donc tout est illusion, partout ! Essayez de trouver, dans votre pays, les illusions que maintiennent les gens et vous serez surpris de ce que vous découvrirez. C’est pourquoi nous avons besoin d’une révolution mondiale, pour réellement é la constitution de la race humaine, pour la créer. Nous avons besoin d’une constitution mondiale, une constitution pour l’humanité. Et elle est prête, elle existe, elle s’appelle la Déclaration des droits de l’homme, mais pas un seul pays dans le monde ne la respecte. Raël
My mother's uncle just passed away, feeling disgusted. He was very badly treated, I've always hated doctors, especially in some regions. I really loved this nice man.
Fed up with all this death going on. EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS are the answer!!!

My mother’s uncle just passed away he was very badly treated. I’m feeling disgusted, I really loved this nice man. I’ve always hated doctors especially in some regions. Fed up with all this death going on. EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS are the answer!!!