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June 25 2010

Michael Jackson: We miss you!

Actually, it's all about miracles...

Found this post on this forum...Apparently, other screenwriters share my (our) opinion! But, not surprisingly, if you try to reply to this post the moderator won't accept your reaction. I don't think it's due to a technical issue….What do you think ?

They just accepted the comical reply below, saying « make a connection, miracles happen everyday »…Really? Wow! I wasn’t aware that miracles had something to do with people pulling some strings for certain persons and with discrimination! We learn something new everyday! (lol)
Should we get in touch with the pope regarding this topic?

PS: The comical tone of this post was completely intentional.
My attitude about Hollywood is that I wouldn't walk across the street to pull one of those executives out of the snow if he was bleeding to death. Not unless I was paid for it. None of them ever did me any favors.
James Woods (actor)



Here is a submission policy found on the website of a production company in L.A.
(thank you S. for forwarding this my way)

Unsolicited Submissions

It is company policy not to accept or consider creative ideas, suggestions, or materials. We hope you will understand that it is the intent of this policy to avoid the possibility of any future misunderstandings if your ideas are similar to those we or our affiliates have developed independently. Therefore, we must, regretfully, request that you do not send us any creative materials such as stories, character ideas, treatments, screenplays, books or original artwork ("Unsolicited Submissions"). Any Unsolicited Submissions you do transmit to… Films via email, facsimile, mail or otherwise will be treated as non-confidential and shall be deemed, and shall remain, the property of … Films. Without limitation of the foregoing, ….Films shall exclusively own all now known or hereafter existing rights to the Unsolicit…


I have just finished revisions on my screenplay DRACULA: GENESIS.
I had written the first draft of this fantasy feature 5 years ago, mainly as an exercise, because obviously, Dracula has been one of my favorite characters since my teenage life, I developed a passion for the vampire when I first saw Coppola's version, starring Gary Oldman: Outstanding in the part of the vampire.

I know vampires screenplays are in demand right now, following the success of the twilight saga, so I decided to take another close look at that story.
I have cut off useless scenes, revised some dialogs and I can say I now have a very good 120 pages screenplay revolving around the legendary prince of darkness, and a brand new take on this story.
Indeed, although a fictional tale, my screenplay begins with Vlad Tepes life, as a warrior and prince (including actual elements) then, the betrayal he's victim of, and his death, (assassination) during a battle against the Turkish army.
The screenplay, then f…
Here is a lovely message I just received on facebook. It was written by a talented fellow screenwriter and new friend: Kirby.

I wanted to share this encouraging note with you. Hope to encourage many screenwriters and artists to voice their opinion on this policy in the future!


Hello Jordan Tate:)

I paid a visit to your blog page, and allow me to say, I really loved my visit - and I was very thrilled to learn that you yourself too are also very opposed to Hollywood's unnecessary SNUB of unsolicited materials....this is gonna be a great friendship I can tell Jordan!!

I have ALWAYS felt that the "unsolicited material" policy was a blatant, ridiculous, DISCRIMINATION. Absolutely!.
It is literally mind-blowing to me that major agencies such as CAA, are so opposed to looking at all these great ideas just floating around out there...from unknown writers. Do these people not realize the incredible, creative potential that is in fact being written …

Helping people

Last week I tried to help a young man from UK achieve his dream...I love to assist people the best I can, doing good feels so good!
Best of luck David!


A friend recently sent me the screenplay for the science fiction movie « Splice »
The pitch was very interesting so I was eager to take a closer look at it. And indeed, I thought the screenplay is extremely well written, characters are appealing and well crafted, we know the leading female character wounds, her background, and we easily understand the reasons behind her « vocation »…The creature itself is fascinating and surprisingly endearing…And the suspense unfolds progressively until the end.

However, and I deplore it, the story itself isn’t that original and has been made a thousand times before, it simply points toward the same primitive human fear (which I also deplore greatly): The fear of progress and advanced science…Once again our heroes are the « rebellious » scientists confronted with their deadly creation, and eventually punished during the last act of the film. It is Frankenstein story made over and over again.(But Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley in 1817) and s…