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Plot keywords

It‘s not secret now… I’m currently working on a new screenplay.
Two treatments are also in the work at the moment. One is about a thief, and the other is an Hitchcockian Thriller.

The screenplay I’m developing is a science fiction script called « the face »
Some of you may have heard of it earlier.
To do that I have to create a completely brand new « universe », which is very exciting!

I had written a first draft treatment for it 2 years ago, then, left it in a drawer (actually my hard-drive). I had just lost my grandmother at this time, and the treatment was too much influenced by my personal feelings, especially because the screenplay set in a near future, where people acquire physical immortality.
Also, I have been very busy with writing assignments lately.
But with the recent movies I watched, including « The box » and « Donnie Darko », by Richard Kelly, I felt like having a new look at this science fiction treatment, so I decided to start a new draft of this story with new scen…


I finally saw Avatar.
I really enjoyed the film- it’s a beautiful, epic, action-packed story-but not as much as I loved Titanic, which for me, remains, the most beautiful film by James Cameron, and still one of the most beautiful films ever made.
More than 10 years after my first viewing, Titanic, still remains, my favorite movie alongside King Kong.

However, I’m planning other journeys on Pandora in a near future!


Prehistoric UFO and ET images found in remote cave in India


Fabulous and elevating reading, Rael's books tell how an upper alien's race created the human race plants and animals with their advanced technology. Very interesting hypothesis! Actually, the only books that truly gave me hope in a long time! I highly recommend you reading them! The second one, yes to human cloning, tell how advanced science will improve our lives in a near future!


TitanicTitanic (10th Anniversary Edition)14 April 1912-14 April 2010
Today is the 98th Anniversary of the Titanic sinking.
Please remember all the victims and survivors of this tragedy behind one of the most beautiful films ever made: Titanic by James Cameron.


I think this project sounds fabulous

Scorsese attempting 3-D with 'Hugo Cabret'

After another solid $100 million-plus hit in "Shutter Island," Martin Scorsese is set to make one of the more unconventional films of his career, "The Invention of Hugo Cabret." Based on the novel by Brian Selznick, Scorsese's adaptation follows the story of a young boy, Hugo, who attempts to solve the mystery of a broken robot in 1930's Paris. The independently financed film will be distributed by Sony Pictures, but Scorsese has no real studio pressure on his creative decisions. Therefore, it's intriguing that Variety has revealed Scorsese is shooting "Cabret" in 3-D. Especially with Hollywood executives chomping at the bit »

Check out this designer

Christophe Guillarmé's website.
He's an highly creative and extremely talented fashion designer.
I love his dresses!


If you like epic fantasy you have to watch this movie!
"Krull" was made back in 1983 and you can feel the Star wars influence as you see the very first sequences of the film: Laser weapons, another planet in another galaxy, a princess, a prophecy. Of course some of the special effects and sets (fake rocks for instance) are a little dated, but still electrifying.

The film also is a fabulous mixture of romantic sequences,
an exceptional inventiveness with an impressive and mystical score by young composer James Horner, (already so talented, i can't get his knight theme out of my head ) and brilliant, breathtaking action/battle sequences. I particularly enjoy the inventive character of the widow of the web and the sequences in her lair.
Plus, you have Liam Neeson in one of his very first screen roles!

I wish they could make fantasy, action-packed movies with such a passion for well crafted characters and beautiful stories nowadays...
Special effects should not replace a …

Movie treatments

I know i haven't posted anything in a long time...Only because- as talented director Darren Aronofsky told it in his own blog on blogspot- I have been using twitter and facebook a lot lately, but these last days, I kind of miss the "real" blogs, more room to write about my screenwriting experiences.
I'm working on several promising treatments at the moment,-too early to reveal more details-but it's mainly science fiction, fantasy and thriller. I'm feeling inspired and let the ideas come to me, as i watch a movie, as i look at pictures, as i read articles and do some researches. I'm not in the rush right now...Just want to develop some of these good ideas (i think they're good) of mine, before deciding which one of them will become a full length screenplay.
By the way, i'm often getting this questions from non-screenwriters people. What is a treatment?

So here is the definition taken from wikipedia:

A film treatment (or treatment for short) is a piece …