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Last week, (Friday) I had the chance to see my favorite creature taking life again on the screen, directed by Peter Jackson: KING KONG!

A funny fact is that such as this famous film maker from New Zealand, KING KONG is behind my passion for cinema since the age of 6: The first time my parents taped a strange tale of a giant beast in love with a woman, a strange tale taking place on a exotic island…

I still can remember my TEARS when seeing the story of the giant ape for the first time, and of course when watching the last scene at that top of the Empire Stage Building, it has been my very « shock » through the big screen.

In his 2005 version, Peter Jackson completely managed to re-create this magical atmosphere and his film is a marvelous homage to his favorite creature!
The film lasts 3 hours, but strangely, we have the feeling it is 120 minutes only, certainly because of the magician Peter Jackson, the rhythm of his story, the non-stop action, the great acting (all the ac…