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Do intelligent beings exist?

Here is what I found surfing the internet...

 Is it wrong to have children knowing you will die someday and so will they?
My friend just had a baby and I think she has postpartum depression. Because she was crying and said i can't believe i just gave birth and somday she is going to have to watch me die....and someday she will die....She was inconsoleable (sp)

I didn't know what to say...what should I say to her? When she said taht i thoguht of my own parents as well...and also myself....death is so scary...even if there is a heaven knowing that you will die....shudder. I need some comfort and so does she :)

Well, I would say we just found the two rare intelligent persons on earth. This is something I never understood actually, people having kids knowing that someday their kids will die; obviously giving life is also giving death.
I have always thought that giving life is the most egoist thing to do. As far as I remember, as soon as I realized about death, I’ve questioned my par…

Un plus une- premiere

With Jean Dujardin, Claude Lelouch, Christophe Lambert, Elsa Zylberstein and Alice Pol.
Magic movie setting in India.

My little angel...

You've been my joy and my inspiration for 8 years, my angel, my love.
My Arsene. (named after the famous thief Arsene Lupin)