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Famous screenwriter’s quotes: Very instructive

Here are a few interesting quotes from famous screenwriters. I’m sure a lot of you go through the same experiences and feelings in their screenwriter’s life…My favorites are number 3, 5 and number 7, which is exactly the way I do when writing a new screenplay.

1.WESLEY STRICK:(Cape Fear, Wolf, True Believers, Arachnophobia)
I have two tricks. One is that I write every day, regardless of
whether I want to or not because as I just said, in a way I never want to write.
It's not even an issue. I just write four pages a day when I'm working. I have a quota.
A sub-set of that system is that I am a firm believer that bad ideas lead to good ones.
When I am not inspired and I don't know the solution I will just type out the most banal
solution and know that at least it's on the page and it gets me to the next story beat.

2. JIM HART:( Hook, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein)
There is a real big gap between what a writer wants to do and what the studio wants th…

POIGNANT: A health center helping vulnerable people in Rio

As i'm still promoting my latest screenplay Rio, i came across this beautiful document about a health center helping vulnerable people in Rio, access medical cares...
Check out the picture of this homeless man brushing his teeth and the hope his eyes convey on this picture. Poignant!


Well before, writing "Rio", my screenplay on the famous stockholm syndrome, i remember i saw a fascinating movie called "Harem", in which Nastassja Kinsky is kidnaped by Ben Kingsley, playing an Arabian sheik. I suppose this "strange" story of the captive falling for her captor influenced me in choosing to develop a screenplay on this syndrome. I remember i had loved the movie at that time.
I highly recommend this movie to those who still haven't seen it.


Check out the pictures taken during the filming of "the girl with no name", a short movie i have written. Produced and directed by Mariel Mattos.