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I have written 3 new screenplays in 2008.
All screenplays based on true events, including two biopics.
I really liked exploring the destinies of these exceptional human beings and I believe I will write more screenplays of that genre in the future.

However, I’m planning more fictional stories for 2009 and I would love to script a good thriller (in the vein of Seven, or the silence of the lambs) I’m also very interested in writing horror/ supernatural thrillers (no gore) in the vein of « The ring ».
Funny I’m always mentioning this film, because I remember I really hated it the first time I saw it! Mainly because the film features this scene with the horse, I can’t stand any animal suffering or killing even when it’s fake! I have erased many movies for that reason.
I have devoted 2008 to my own spec screenplays, but I’m planning to devote 2009 to writing assignments, getting paid for what i do, and promoting my existing material.