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Jordan is taking some time off her busy schedule, to clear her mind, she'll be traveling and consequently absent until the end of the year 2013. Some rumors say that she'll be preparing a new screenplay that she's had in mind for some time.

Her assistants will be checking out her emails during her absence.
Thank you for reading, she'll post some blog entries on a regular basis.

Jordan’s staff.

Show presenter Melissa Bachman slammed after posting photo of lion she killed in South Africa Read more:




SNEAK PEEK: Set Footage From Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar...: Take another look @ footage from the Alberta set of director Christopher Nolan's new science fiction feature "Interstellar",..

Screenwriting guru Syd Field dies

Screenwriting guru Syd Field dies

It's a sad day...

Syd Field, the writer who helped teach thousands of aspiring screenwriters, died on Sunday. According to a press release posted on the Raindance Film Festival website, which had hosted a screenwriters event in London last week that Field had been too ill to attend, the author died at his Beverly Hills home from hemolytic anemia. He was 77.

Field hadn’t been some heralded Oscar-winning writer, but beginning with the best-selling 1979 how-to book Screenplay, the Hollywood native became the authority on how to write for the screen. He explained and taught the classic three-act structure that became the backbone of cinematic storytelling, and scores of accomplished and wannabe scribes flocked to his seminars and purchased copies of his seven other best-selling manuals. Field’s books were used as textbooks at scores of universities, and he himself taught writing at USC, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, and UCLA. He also worked as a special s…



The Invaders opening titles

Memorable. I remember seeing this show when I was a child, I enjoyed spotting the aliens so much, thanks to their crooked fourth finger. And I must say David Vincent  is an excellent character, as he must convince a disbelieving world that "the nightmare" has already started...
A must see. I miss this kind of shows. J.T

French father convicted for spanking his son

At last France evolves! I hope a law will BAN corporal  punishment!  To me, the father deserved more than a 500 dollars fine! He deserved some good prison time!

Published: 15 Oct 2013 08:51 GMT+02:00
Updated: 15 Oct 2013 08:51 GMT+02:00

A court in France has handed out a €500 fine to a father for spanking his nine-year-old son after the yongster showed him "disrespect". The ruling has made waves in France where, controversially, there is still no law banning corporal punishment.

    Teacher gets jail term for 'romantic' fling with pupil (08 Oct 13)
    French senators vote to ban child beauty contests (18 Sep 13)
    Missing parents dumped kids to go on holiday (27 Aug 13)

The court in the central city of Limoges heard that the father wanted to teach his son a lesson because the youngster "had stopped saying hello in the morning".

“I told him he should respect me and yes I gave him a spank…

One of the upcoming movies I want to see. I love dark tales and Angelina Jolie's work! J.Disney's Maleficent Official Teaser Trailer

One of the upcoming films I want to see. I love dark tales and Angelina Jolie's work!



Jordan Tate is in talks for a thought-provoking project in USA.
The screenwriter who recently claimed that she wants  more projects in France, keeps being hired by American producers, directors and writers. But  several scenes will take place in Southern France in this new venture…

More news to come soon! Thanks for reading.
Jordan's staff.


Leonardo DiCaprio knows how to throw a birthday party.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor invited a few, OK 100, of his closest friends for dinner Sunday night at TAO Downtown in honor of his 39th birthday.

Following the feast, Kanye West and 2 Chainz took the stage and performed a concert in front of a packed crowd.

The future Mrs. West, Kim Kardashian, was by her man's side throughout the entire evening and shared a Keek video of the musical guests.

She also shared an Instagram pic that said, #NYCfor3hours #BabysAsleepNowWatchingMyBaby @2ChainzKanyeQtip"

Clearly North West's mama doesn't want to miss any chance to see her fiancé in action!

The NYC nightclub was packed with other famous faces that rang in DiCaprio's special day.

NEWS: Kim Kardashian gushes over baby North West!
Kanye …

Leonardo DiCaprio Takes Martin Scorsese’s Place at ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ Restoration Premie


Allegra Tepper

It’s always nice to have a back-up plan, especially when it involves Leonardo DiCaprio, who stepped in for an absent Martin Scorsese at the world restoration premiere of “Rebel Without a Cause” at LACMA on Nov. 1.

“Mr. Scorsese personally apologizes that he couldn’t be here tonight, but he’s very busy editing our new film, ‘Wolf of Wall Street‘ in New York,” DiCaprio said before reading a note from Scorsese to the packed Bing Theater. The restoration was spearheaded by The Film Foundation, which Scorsese founded in 1990.

“‘I was 13 when I saw “Rebel Without a Cause”‘ — that’s Martin speaking, I was 16,” DiCaprio quipped in the midst of reading Scorsese’s letter. “‘It was about us, the adolescents and the teenagers, and it seemed to be taking place in some legendary realm. And everything hit me like a lightning bolt — every color, every form,…