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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2...


PLEASE READ THIS especially if you have young kids using social medias

PLEASE READ THIS especially if you have young kids using social medias!

Cyber stalking is, unfortunately, becoming more and more commonplace. It can be done via social media sites, mobile phone, on gaming sites and via other online avenues. Cyber stalking frequently leads to physical stalking, which then gives rise to crimes such as robbery, murder, suicide and other forms of violence. Learn how to deal with an Cyber Stalker.

Parents whose children spend a great deal of time online need to teach their children how to spot a stalker and what to do about such an individual. Following is some helpful information along these lines, along with tips on how to prevent cyber stalking in the first place.
How to Spot Internet Stalkers and Online Stalkers

Stalkers commonly engage in a practice called “grooming”. This involves getting to know the victim and earning his or her trust through deceit, lies and flattery. So you need to learn How to Spot a Stalker?

Young people who chat with others online …


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PSYCHOLOGY AND I... Jordan speaks of writing "Full bloom" and how psychology influenced her work

PSYCHOLOGY AND I... Jordan speaks of writing "Full bloom" and how psychology influenced her work

As far as I remember, when I first started penning screenplays several years ago, I've always been drawn to psychology, therefore, many of my pieces of work feature a primordial psychological element.

For instance, I wrote many thrillers in the past, one of them comes to mind: It was featuring a psychologist with a  split personality and it was one of my very first  screenplays. Just like this script, many of my work attempts to explain why and how a past trauma can affect someone’s psyche.
I've always been interested in how past could influence present and future actions. In this screenplay, my lead had unconsciously become a psychologist to exorcise her own demons and her painful past, notably with abusive parents.

But even when my lead is a hero, I feel that their past, and more importantly their childhood must be a key element of what conducted them  to become that h…

Jim Croce - Time in a bottle - 1973


LAVIGUE: Epidémie de peste bubonique à Sydney (Australie)

Impressive pictures of the quarantine areas during the bubonic plague in Sydney 1900.

LAVIGUE: Epidémie de peste bubonique à Sydney (Australie): En 1900, la peste bubonique fait son apparition dans les quartiers les plus pauvres de Sydney. Dans un premier temps, ces zones sont mise...

Yves Montand - Le galerien

This song reminds me of the lead character in "le fléau" my latest french screenplay.

Cette chanson me rappelle mon personnage principal dans "le fléau".



"Bliss is all about good things put together."
From "Full bloom" by Jordan Tate adapted from the book by Mark. T. Greene

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