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it was beauty killed the beast

Many people asked me to tell them about my fascination for King Kong and the impact he had on my life…So I thought that would be a good idea to blog on this personal experience.
Well, first of all, I deeply believe that everything that marks us during our childhood shapes us and guides us in your future choices, I would say that the day I saw this movie was like an appointment with fate, "a fateful day that changes everything" for me, I would describe it as a door opening on a dream, something I knew almost nothing about at this time: a dream called cinema.
I was 6 years old and the version I first saw was the 1976 one with Jessica Lange, I think the impact/shock is a mixture of elements composing my personality, first of all a great adoration for animals since I was able to open my eyes of child, then, a fascination for far countries and their beliefs, then a passion for glamour ( New York, the heroine is an actress).
I remember seeing those images, especially the ones when Ko…