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Recently I had the immense pleasure to see the HIGHLY agreeable MOVIE WAR THE WORLDS. The latest Steven Spielberg film and I’ve been blow away.
A breathtaking movie that will really fascinates you during 2 hours.

A wonderful Tom Cruise-immense actor- and very talented young comedians, special mention to the young and very charismatic Dakota Fanning, all the movie revolves around her and so many emotions pass in her eyes and face that she makes her share her terrifying encounters with aliens during all the movie, her fear, her surprise and emotion.

Some scenes were splendidly done, i must say my favorite one was the one in which Tom Cruise and his daughter are prisoners of the gigantic machine, splendid to see on the big screen!

Thank you Mr. Spielberg for those 2 hours of great entertainment and splendid images that how i like to watch movies!