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Tribute: Michael Jackson's songs lyrics

"Blood On The Dance Floor"
She got your number
She know your game
She put you underIt's so insane
Since you seduced her
How does it feel
To know that woman
Is out to kill
Every night stance is like takin' a chance
It's not about love and romance
And now you're gonna get it
Every hot man is out takin' a chance
It's not about love and romanceAnd now you do regret it
To escape the world I've got to enjoy that simple dance
And it seemed that everything was on my side(Blood on my side)
She seemed sincere like it was love and true romance
And now she's out to get me
And I just can't take itJust can't break it
Susie got your number
And Susie ain't your friend
Look who took you under
With seven inches inBlood is on the dance floor
Blood is on the knife
Susie's got your numberAnd Susie says its right
She got your numberHow does it feel
To know this strangerIs out to kill
She got your babyIt happened fast
If you could onlyErase the past
Every night stance is like t…

Happy birthday

to legendary actress Jane Russel!

Screenwriting Myths & Scams

There are numerous erroneuous myths about the business of screenwriting and even more scams that all writers need to watch out for. If you are concerned that an individual or company you are dealing with is not legit, your first stop should be Writer Beware. You can also email you question here.

1. Everywhere I go I am in danger of having my script idea stolen. - MYTH - unless you have an idea that is so unique no two film could ever be made about it, the idea alone is virtually worthless. It is always the execution that counts. Protect the script, not the idea.

2. I got an email inviting me to send my script to an agency! But they need me to pay some photocopying and mailing costs. - SCAM - First, legit agents never solicit clients unless they have just won a screenwriting contest or received a standing ovation at the Sundance screening of their new film. Second, photocopying costs, mailing expenses, reading fees, marketing fees, travel fees or any other type of fee that an agent, mana…

How to write a step outline for a script

A step outline is a detailed telling of a story intended to be turned into a screenplay for a motion picture. The step outline details every scene and beat of a screenplay's story and often has indications for dialog and character interactions. The scenes are often numbered for convenience. It is similar to a scriptment and more detailed and specific than either a treatment or an outline. It can also be an extremely
useful tool for a writer working on a spec script.

#Step 1

Start by selecting a movie or an episode of one you favorite TV shows. Begin with the opening shot and write down the major steps that carry the story from start to end. This is a step outline, at least in abbreviated form.
Step 2

Take you own project. On paper, begin by building a list of your major scenes in one or two sentences for each. Start with broad strokes: your story’s beginning, middle and end.
Step 3

Now expand this list each to include the in-between steps that will carry you from the first scene to the…
Celebrities Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Qorianka Kilcher , Jesse Garcia, Alex Meraz and Clifton Collins pull together in an effort to call attention to Peru's Indigenous peoples plight


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