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Hope to take some spectacular pictures in the future.

Autumn reports, 2010 projects

Wow, it’s been a while since my last blog!
But I’m glad to come back with fresh news to share and some good ones.

Actually I had taken a long break from screenwriting and film business, I really needed to free my mind to be able to come back with fresh ideas, the first good news is that I can’t wait to write again!
The second good news is that I’ve just signed on to adapt a horror novel by James Willits called « The programmer« . James recently contacted me through myspace and sounded very enthusiastic about my work, I’m impatient to explore his novel and create a compelling screenplay and glad to start with this adaptation, and a horror story that will let me to unleash my dark side! (smiles)

Regarding my 2010 projects, I have written down several log lines and I’m currently working on some synopses which I will use for several thrillers in 2010.
One my ideas, was one strange story that came to me in dreams, a very Hitchcockian
Story line, with many twists and turns. I believe it there w…