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Fifty Shades Darker - Official Trailer 1 (Universal Pictures) HD

Looking forward to it...

Rover - Some Needs [Clip officiel - Guest Diane Kruger]



I've been a prolific screenwriter with a special interest in thriller and fantasy screenplays for the past few years. Most of the influences I grew up to, in terms of films, were coming from the fantasy realm (Tim Burton, Georges Lucas, Dario Argento, Hammer movies...) and helped shape my vision as a writer.

More recently and after focusing on biopics, some very painful personal events propelled me to write more and to go back to my fantasy roots, into a world where everything seems possible.  I usually write 2 screenplays a year, but with these painful moments, I was longing for more writing and creativity, and not only accepted assignments from producers and actors but also worked on my own spec screenplays, which is, I must confess, what I prefer to do.

My first screenplay written this year was a mafia/crime story quickly followed by two fantasy screenplays, both very different from each other. Two stories I had on my mind for a long time:

The match girl-A dark take on Hans Chr…


In deep corrections on "The cat".
Fantasy screenplay.
100 pages. Available winter 2016-Spring 2017.