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Piranha 3D Fails To Impress James Cameron

Sharon Stone Topless Never Gets Old, Much Like Sharon Stone


Will Neeson sink his teeth into "Dracula"?

Reps of actor Liam Neeson in UK, have asked to see a copy of my screenplay: DRACULA-GENESIS- the script is now on their desk.
Apparently doing a Dracula movie has been one of Neeson's dream projects since a long time: He was already considered for the part of Abraham Van Helsing in Copolla's Dracula, (but the role went to Anthony Hopkins) as well as for the part of Dracula in "Monster Squad".

Glossary of entertainment industry terms—what does that word mean?

other "red riding hood" sets pictures

Red Riding Hood gets hardcore in first pics from the set -

Red Riding Hood gets hardcore in first pics from the set -

I'm sharing these pictures with you because I've just finished reading the script for the upcoming film "Red riding hood", produced by Leonardo DiCaprio's appian way and starring Gary Oldman and I really, really loved it! I'm not going to spoil anything for you, but it's a page turner! Especially for a werewolf movies lover like me! I also loved the writing style of screenwriter David Leslie Johnson, because, actually it is very similar to mine. "Red riding hood" is described as a Gothic "retelling" of the "Little Red Riding Hood" story, with a teenage love triangle at its center. (I would say loosely based upon it, because except for a few lines and some situations the screenplay is an original story)
Certainly one of the films that I'll watch when it'll be released. Good to read something i want to see on the screen. Enjoy the set pictures!



I’ve been a great fan of Christopher Nolan’s work since « Batman begins, and I highly recommend this fascinating voyage into the world of the dreams. It’s good to see such a complex and original screenplay in this remakes-packed period!

Thank you Mr. Nolan for all the dreams!

Fright Night - soundtrack


Here are the top selling genres for July:

Drama: 24 Sales
Thriller: 17 Sales
Comedy: 12 Sales
Sci-Fi: 11 Sales
Action: 10 Sales
Suspense: 9 Sales
True love never lives happily ever after - true love has no ending.
K. Knight

We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.
Luciano de Crescenzo
Check out Larry Sapp's blog, very instructive articles on hollywood world!


Have you already tried one of these virtual pitch sites, or famous pitch sites? I get this question all the time, this interrogation often comes from undiscovered and talented writers, desperate to get their work noticed by Hollywood producers agents or studios, in order to get their baby made into a film…
Should I try this virtual pitch site, or this pitch site, should I spend 60 dollars or 100 dollars to place a script on this site?

Well, my answer is gonna be extremely simple, so simple that even a producer could understand it (smiles): NO!!!

They are SCAMS! The only purpose of these wesites is to fill their creator's wallet, not to get your script into a producer's hands! Moreover, no one should ever pay to get work!!!

Seriously, how many movies have been produced this way? Remember the last film you saw, was it produced thanks to one of these pitching sites? The answer is no!
Of course, we all know of these websites claiming several writers have optioned optioned thro…


I just talked with an attorney, and here’s his answer regarding the « no unsolicited material policy »:You are correct, the talent agencies, production companies and studios are engaging in a form of discrimination by choosing not to do business with a certain class of people. Confirmation: we can call it work discrimination!

Dear Hollywood producers...

Please hire me to write a remake, i also want to make million dollars to copy and paste!
The no unsolicited material policy is now discussed on this attorney's blog:

Please feel free to post, and support if you're a

(Artists against the no unsolicited material policy)
Happy Raelian new year!