Happy Halloween! Here's a nice urban legend for you to shudder all night!

The cursed videotape

A group of three newly graduated high-schoolers were planning a sleepover party as a "last summer party". They decided to rent a video late at night and could not find a main retailor that was open. They eventually found a local retailor that owned a small private shop. The girls could not decide on a movie so one of them went to the clerk to ask her opinion. The woman told her that she had just the thing for them and disapeared into a back room behind the counter. The girl sees a boxless un-labled tape on the counter and reaches toward it out of curiosity. Just then the woman returns and slaps her hand over the tape, pulling it away. She smiles and says that it isn't anything she would be interested in. The girl asks what it is and the woman replies that it is just a "homevideo". The other girls agree to rent the suggested tape and are renting it when the woman exclaims that she left her extra cash in the safe in the back. She goes into the back and the girl who asked for her help swipes the tape and puts it in her purse. Later, when the girls are ready to watch the tape they rented, the other girl tells them about the tape she stole from the counter and convinces them that they should watch it, thinking it could be a "sex tape" and they could profit from blackmailing the woman. They laugh and agree to put in the tape. They slide it into the VCR and the power goes out, except for the TV, which begins playing the tape. It shows the woman from the store tied to a wooden stake surrounded by angery men and women. The stake is set fire and the woman begins to scream maniacally. The people yell out things like "Burn the witch!" and "This is your punishment for your black magic!" Then the burning woman laughs and yells out a curse, that everyone who witnesses her death will face their own in two days time. She laughs and the VCR screeches and cuts out. The girls sit in the dark for a while until the power comes back on. They agree that they should return the tape immediatley. When they arrive at the location of the store, it is gone, only an empty lot. Two days later, when the authorities are investigating their deaths, and inspector notes that they were burned to death, but that nothing around them is even singed. The only sign of a fire was in the trash can, which was put out earlier and looked like it was intentionally set on fire. Everything inside it was distroyed, except for a blank tape, which wasn't even touched.


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