THE LAST WOMAN (horror 11 pages)
Vera a beautiful wealthy woman invites her new lover on Christmas Eve along with 32 other guests. But as the hours pass the other guests don't show up and Vera begins her macabre life's story.

THE ROSE (fantasy, 6 pages)
A romantic and fantasy story inspired by our childhood fairy tales. 
A man purchases a rose from a Gypsy seller who advices him to take great care of it. He takes the rose home and soon begins hearing a woman sob and having dreams of a young princess cursed by a witch who imprisons her into a flower....

THE ANGEL (fantasy, drama 15 pages)
A depressed painter in search of inspiration meets an introverted young woman on the street and asks her to become his model. Reluctantly, the model starts to overcome her low self-esteem  during the painting sessions and in a magical moment, the artist finds out about the real identity of his "muse".

THE MOONLIGHT (horror 11 pages)
A beauty and the beast like tale, between a mute servant and a young man afflicted with the werewolf curse.

CHILD OF THE DARK(horror, 13 pages)
Brad, an amnesiac night watcher working in a mortuary, begins to wonder about his real nature when people mysteriously die in his wake, indeed all the victims have been drained of their blood… 

A NIGHT WITH KONG (fantasy, fan fiction)
2 years after King Kong death, his spirit still haunts New work City and the actress he loved.

DARKNESS (drama, 10 pages)
A female burglar breaks into a house during a Christmas night, only to find a blind man about to commit suicide. Against all odds, the burglar starts a conversation with her victim to prevent him from taking his own life. Through an unexpected twist of fate this night is going to change their lives forever.

THE DEEP FOREST (horror 25 pages)
Two young ambitious and rival journalists embark on a terrifying journey to investigate an allegedly haunted mansion located into an isolated forest.

DEVIL IN DISGUISE(thriller 27 pages)
Several friends and relatives get together for an annual dinner in a secluded house. One of the guests is found murdered after a power failure and the killer most likely is one of them...

OBSESSION (thriller, 20 pages) Abby and Daniel get introduced by mutual friends and instantly fall in love but soon after their marriage, Daniel begins experiencing delusional jealousy.
A thriller with a twisted ending.

MRS. CASSANDRA (horror 13 pages) Losing his job and his wife on the same night, a desperate man wishes for dying. A few days after, he actually meets Death in the guise of a ruthless business woman…

DARK MEETING (horror 19 pages) Locked into a cemetery Stephania is bitten by a vampire, from this night on, she has no choice but to quench her thirst for blood by seducing men she meets through newspaper ads, until she finds a way of breaking the curse...


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