The last woman (horror, synopsis) 
Writing of script starts October 2018.
Jordan has finished writing the script on October 12 2018. 

-The othello syndrome (first draft of screenplay completed)
The script will revolve around morbid jealousy.

In a city of transgressions and lust a genius filmmaker meets a young and fair actress who slowly becomes his muse and obsession. Gradually descending into madness, the movie maker, becomes convinced his young spouse cheats on him and envisions to kill her and commit suicide so they can remain together everlastingly.

-Sans titre projet en Français.
Drame, science fiction. Le projet sera écrit pour une actrice en particulier.

-Untitled one hour strong female lead drama pilot.

-Untitled Slasher movie script

-Untitled horror/sea script based on an actual story

-Untitled various strong female leads projects

You may want to contact Jordan to book her for a writing assignment.


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