When her boyfriend gets killed by a werewolf before her eyes a teacher turns into a hunter in order to track down the creature behind the crime A non-stop action, gothic tale packed with witches, werewolves and ancestral legends. 
102 pages

A young journalist embarks on a supernatural-packed journey in a remote village, where he meets an enigmatic woman convinced she suffers a family curse that turns her into a werewolf. As she leaves unexplained and brutal deaths in her wake, the reporter begins to wonder whether she's a real monster or a true psycho.
91 pages 

Samantha Taylor an ambitious and cynical literary agent falls for a mysterious man and suddenly decides to marry him. Soon after her marriage, she realizes she actually has married the Devil himself, but as he remains on earth with her, the devil begins to be overwhelmed with emotions and must face his most challenging dilemma: Giving up eternity to be able to love. 
Inspiration: Rosemary's baby. 
111 pages 


Betrayed by his brother, Vlad Tepes Dracula is brought back from hell and becomes an undead creature. Lost between two worlds, Vlad wanders his abandoned castle for centuries until Mina, a pickpocket who's been kidnapped by treasure hunters breaks his solitude and revives his desire for revenge and truth.
125 pages

In London 1970, a mysterious entity terrifies the inhabitants of Highgate, plunging the village back into antique superstitions. Two opponents : A paranormal investigator and an anti- conformist priest- exorcist battle over this mysterious case that the media nickname the Highgate vampire .
Inspirations: The exorcist. 
122 pages 

The Arthurian legend as seen through Morgan's perspective. The rise of a great healer and powerful Celtic mother Goddess, and above all, the story of legendary knight Lancelot's true love.
Their exploits are depicted into this intense, adventure and fantasy packed screenplay.
124 pages.

A new darker take on Hans Christian Andersen's iconic tale “The little match girl” set in New York city during great depression era. Agnes, a miserable little girl who's lost her mother to phossy jaw is forced to sell matches on the streets to sustain an alcoholic father. Evicted by a greedy landlord, the little girl freezes to death on new year eve. Now a wraith, she's offered a second chance…And potentially a new life.

104 pages 

A burglar with the ability to turn into a cat works for a modern-day witch to take down a notorious crime boss going by the name of Machiavelli.  
Inspirations: Cat people, Catwoman
120 pages


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