A female marine archeologist is forced to team up with her ex-husband to locate a mysterious artifact allegedly belonging to the lost city of Atlantis.
An Indiana Jones type adventure with fantasy elements. 
90 pages 

THE ARCH (with Erez Uman)
Set against the backdrop of breathtaking Colorado Park's archway. 3 friends embark on a survival journey against the brutal and revengeful nature as secrets from their past unfold and affect their chances of survival..In the end, only one will be given a chance to survive.

Three friends: A couple, Tony & Fanny and James, embark on an illegal rappelling challenge to explore the scenic and spectacular Colorado Park and its legendary archway: The largest of its kind.
The crew sets out on the dangerous journey of scaling the world’s largest arch, as one of the park's bridges is closed for renovations.
The script is a mixture of breathtaking images of the natural world in the park as well as dramatic and survivalist performances from the cast. The truly awe inspiring wilderness is offset by the secrets each of the campers hold. These secrets slowly start to sabotage their journey tainting their relationships and turning their adventures into a survival game that will put their lives on the line.
109 pages
Low budget, minimal cast.
Inspiration: Everest, the shallows. 

Secret island (fantasy adventures)
Several plane crash survivors discover a fantasy island concealed from the rest of the world, where several legendary celebrities got together after faking their deaths...
119 pages

Digital copies of the screenplays available upon request 


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